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12,000 year-round Nantucket Island residents share 125 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, 48 square miles of land (30,500 acres), and 259 square miles of ponds and marshes – 30 miles south of Hyannis and Cape Cod. Nantucket Island vacation rentals help to swell its summertime population to 60,000. Most visitors arrive by ferry, usually with their cars.

The 14-mile long, 3-mile to 5-mile wide island is among America’s most coveted summer vacation destinations. It’s favored by CEOs and celebrities, and  has hosted Presidents Obama, Clinton, and Kennedy. Lobsters also love it, and hungry vacationers love them.

Nantucket Island home sales average $2+ million and can exceed $20 million. 400+ homes are for sale. Because great views rule, many are “upside down homes,” with ocean-facing great rooms, master suites, and (sometimes) gourmet kitchens on the top level.

“There Once was a Man”…

Retreating glaciers created Nantucket Island about 10,000 years ago. Historians believe that 3,000 native Americans, the Wampanoag people, first settled it around 1600. Wikipedia identifies “Nantucket” as an adapted Algonquian name, possibly meaning “faraway island,” “in the midst of waters” or “sandy, sterile soil tempting no one.”

Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick characters Ahab and Starbuck hailed from Nantucket. Ralph Waldo Emerson called it the “Nation of Nantucket,” thereby recognizing its uniqueness. Myriad, often-ribald limericks introduce the island to many, starting “There Once was a Man from Nantucket.”

With a four-century documented history since Europeans first arrived, Nantucket Island is a National Park Service “National Historic Landmark District.” The British first colonized it in 1641 and started America’s whaling industry. Fishing followed. Always self-reliant, Nantucket and nearby Martha’s Vineyard tried to secede from Massachusetts in 1977. Today, tourism drives its economy.

Nantucket Island Vacation Rentals: Book Yours Directly with the Owner

In summer, thousands of short-term vacationers visit Nantucket Island each week. All need a place to stay, so hundreds of unique vacation rental homes compete for your favor.

“Book Direct” to save a bundle! Let us introduce you directly to the best Nantucket Island vacation rental homeowners. Book directly with an owner to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars vs. intermediaries like AirBnB, Homeaway, or VRBO. You will escape unnecessary commissions and service fees because the homeowner won’t have to bury them in your rate. You can call or email the owner to learn more about your vacation rental before you book it. And the homeowner will meet your special needs and deliver more personalized service, both before and after you arrive.

Most homeowners rely on someone else to market their vacation rentals, but you can find the exceptions here!

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